The team at Nasscom 2017, L to R: Paras, Avichal, Shruti, Ian and Anirudh

Ian Maude


Known affectionately within the team as “Grandpa”, Ian  gained a job as a junior 3D artist with the highly acclaimed  Stainless Software (creators of Carmageddon), shortly after  graduating from the University of Teesside where he obtained  a BA (Hons) degree in Graphic Design & Illustration in 1998.

In the years preceding, Ian worked for some of the widely  known companies in the video games industry. Some of which include Rockstar, Ubisoft, The Chinese Room and Acclaim, but  to name a few. He rose through the ranks becoming a Lead Artist/Art Director for The Chinese Room where he oversaw the development and prototype for “Everyone’s Gone to the  Rapture”, which went on to win 3 Bafta awards.


Ian later become a lecturer in video game art at a Pune  institute where he met Shruti Ghosh and Avichal Singh who  would later team up, and ultimately created Nodding Heads Games.

Paras Chaudhary



Paras had just quit his job and was looking for an  opportunity where he could contribute to a game while  remaining in a small team. He met Avichal, Shruti and Ian  and was captivated by what the game could become, he’s now an integral member of the team.

Linus Tzelos


A Greek musician and composer. Linus himself was in Rajasthan  back in 2014, where he spent time with actual masters
from villages satisfying his thirst to learn traditional Indian  instruments. The team saw that he had the common passion for  indian tribal music and he composed a track in 2016, the track  took us into another universe, where we imagined Raji.


Himanshu Thakur


Was found after a long struggle, in fact he’s our fourth  animator and he’s affectionately referred to as the “beast” in  the studio after many fans had commented on the fluidity of the characters movements. We often joke about how

“Mocap” is employed in our pipeline… it’s actually a mixture  of talent and the 12 basic principles of traditional animation.

Anirudh Singh


He’s the concept artist for the game and he’s a perfect fit to  the team. Coming for Jaipur, Rajasthan, he knew instantly what could be brought to the world of Raji and his enthusiasm for

Raji has been infectious. His choice of colours and compositions  brought an abundance of life to Raji’s universe and we knew instantly that he’s a keeper!

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